Selling A Health Solution Instead Of A Commodity

Have trouble selling your health & wellness packages? Here's a tip and a simple shift you can make today to drastically increase your conversion rate.

Stop offering 5-packs, 10-packs and discounts when someone gets multiple sessions. Instead, you can start to offer your treatment as a solution to their problem.

Here's a situation where this could be used... A potential client comes in to your health business. Let's say you offer neurofeedback as a service and the potential client has ADHD/ADD. You ask them questions, get to know what they're dealing with and find out that they're a great fit for your offer.

Now, when you review the options with them, INSTEAD OF SAYING THIS... "You'll need around 40 sessions of neurofeedback and 2 brain maps. 20 sessions is $120 per session, but 40 brings it down to $100"... you want to say "We have the perfect program for you. It's called our 5-Month Brain Booster Program. It's designed to improve your focus and attention levels. Here's what that looks like." Then, on a package pricing sheet (check out our article on this), you show them the details of the program and on the sheet it'll say how many sessions are included in the plan, etc.

Two important things happen when you make this small shift.

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The first thing is that your client focuses on the solution, not about getting a discount for doing more sessions. If they're thinking about the cost per session, in their mind, nothing separates you from the competition and it will turn into a race to the bottom with your competitors. Your client will be thinking "Oh it's $100 a session for 40 sessions here... The place down the road was offering it for $80 a session...". This is why it's important to have them focused on the solution to their problem and not the package deal. This is also why it's important come up with good names for your different programs. The name of the program should speak to the specific problem that it helps solve.

The second thing is that people value TIME more than anything else. Especially more than sessions or a pack. If you sell it as a number of sessions or a pack, it seems like a never ending process. In the client's mind they're thinking "What happens after the 40 sessions?... Do I need another 20 after that?..." When you give them a time frame it sets them up with a goal. It gets them thinking about the end result. They will start to visualize themselves feeling better again after the duration of the program (e.g. 5 month wellness plan).

Hopefully this small shift in package structure helps you help more people. It's allowed many health professionals do just that.

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