Sheet Sales Method

The "Sheet Sale" is a method being used by the health businesses we work with, to help them sell their higher priced solutions. The health services being sold with this method are priced anywhere from $1,000-$10,000 and are generally cash services. This powerful strategy seems simple, but has helped many health businesses increase their closing percentage drastically.

First, I'll explain the strategy and then I'll explain the psychology behind why it works.

The strategy is pretty simple. We review a laminated sheet with a new client after they complete their first session. The first session should give them a taste of your service and offer your new client value. It could be a consultation, assessment, or one session of the service you offer. Now this sheet is used after the first session is completed (typically in the report of findings or when you review with the client their situation and experience.)

After you've gotten to know the client, asked them questions and made sure they need your health solution, that is when you will review the laminated sheet with the potential new client. The sheet will show the recommended protocol for treating the client in a specific and strategic way.

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There are four parts to the laminated sheet...

-A recommended health package that's worded as a solution to their problem with a specific time frame attached to it (Not worded as a 10-pack or 5-pack).

-A seasonal or monthly promotional price.

-An incentive to receive payment either the same day or all upfront.

-A down-sell program recommendation on the back of the sheet.

Here's an example of a sale sheet for neurofeedback...

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The sheet sale strategy works because it does a lot of important things psychologically.

First, it gives the person selling the package confidence in their pricing and solidifies the pricing because it's written down and laminated.

Second, it gives the potential client a clear goal and time-frame that will get them feeling better. It words the package as a solution to their problem! Not just a commodity. Doing this will get them thinking about getting better, not about getting a discount for doing more sessions.

Third, it makes it easy to talk about your incentive based pricing and creates urgency and scarcity for the client to get enrolled that day.

Fourth, it incentivizes upfront payment, so that your business has more cashflow. It also makes it a bonus if you work with them and break it down into payments, not the standard.

Fifth, it makes for an easy down-sell because the down-sell looks affordable next to a higher priced package.

Sixth, because it's laminated, the client cannot take the sheet home with them and they need to make a decision in the room with you that same day. It's also powerful if, when needed, you go off the sheet and offer an even better incentive to them.

That's it. The super simple, sheet sale strategy. Try this strategy and help more people with your health service today! Let us know how it goes.

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